How to Make Burnt Cream Nougat: The Traditional Christmas Delight

How to Make Burnt Cream Nougat: The Traditional Christmas Delight


Burnt cream nougat is an exquisite specialty, much loved during the Christmas holidays. In this post, we will share the traditional step-by-step recipe to prepare this delight at home.

Ingredients and Preparation

Ingredients for 1 Nougat Drawer

  • Marcona Almond powder: 3,5KG
  • Natural lemon peel zest - 3 pcs
  • White sugar: 5,6KG
  • Water: 1,65KG
  • Pasteurized yolks: 600GR
  • Salt: 5GR
  • Pure vanilla extract: 10GR

Nougat production:

Preparation of the Syrup

  • First step: Prepare the syrup. First of all, we will prepare the water with the sugar and heat the mixture until we reach the optimum temperature of 113 °C / 114 °C.

Mixture of Yolks and Aromas

  • Step two: Mix yolk and aromas. At the same time, we will mix in a bowl, the yolk, the vanilla extract and the salt with the rod.

Incorporation of the syrup to the Blend

  • Step three: Add the syrup to the mixture. Once we have the ingredients mixed and the temperature of the syrup is optimal, we will add the syrup little by little. We can save a small amount for the end of the mixture.

Creation of the Choux dough

  • Step four: Form the choux dough. At this point, we will make a choux dough with the shovel (emulsion of the syrup with the preparation of the yolks and the rest of the ingredients).

Add Almond and Lemon Zest

  • Step Five: Add almonds and lemon zest. Once the bomba dough is obtained, we will gradually add the Marcona almond and lemon zest. We can add the little syrup that we have saved, to rectify the texture and flavor. To our liking.

Whipping and Resting of the Dough

  • Step six: Whipping and resting of the dough. Next, we will work the dough in a blender for 25 to 30 minutes until we obtain the desired texture. We will use an average speed. Finally, we will line the wooden boxes with Cornet paper and let the dough rest for a minimum of 4 days and no more than 6 before cutting the bars.

Cultural Significance of Burnt Cream Nougat

Burnt cream nougat is much more than a sweet; It is a symbol of the Christmas holidays and an important part of Catalan culture. In Baixas, the queues for this nougat are testament to its popularity and status as a luxury deal.

Tips for the Perfect Creation of Nougat

  • Quality of Ingredients: Use quality Marcona almonds and fresh lemon zest.
  • Syrup temperature: Maintain the exact temperature for the perfect consistency.
  • Adequate rest: Let the dough rest for as long as necessary for an ideal texture.


Creating this cream nougat at home is a wonderful experience and a perfect way to bring the spirit of the Christmas holidays into your kitchen. We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do. We look forward to seeing you at Baixas, Barcelona's pastry shop. Enjoy your meal!


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