Pine nut Pancakes Recipe

Pine nut Pancakes Recipe

When it comes to celebrating All Saints' Day, there is nothing more traditional and delicious than a good Pine Nut Panellets Recipe. Below, we present you how to make this Catalan delicacy step by step.


  • WATER 1,4 LT
  • SALT 5 GR
  • EGGS

The first step will be to select our main ingredients: Top quality almond flour and white sugar.

Marzipan preparation

To obtain elegant and tasty Panellets, we grind once again both the flour and the sugar. We want the texture to be silky, kind and distinguished. In this case the pine nut is the protagonist and marzipan the perfect maintenance.

To begin with, mix the almond flour, sugar and salt, and add the water little by little until you get the desired texture. Depending on the outside temperature, we will add a little more water to achieve the optimal texture. We intend a tender and hydrated marzipan that evokes a great memory.

Next, we will let this preparation rest for 24 hours. in order to ensure that all ingredients are well integrated at the level of flavor and texture. When the doughs rest, they express the true aroma, excellent complexity. If we made another type of Panellet, we would add lemon and vanilla.

Modelling and preparation of Panellets

Once we have the dough rested, we will weigh portions of marzipan of 260gr. and we will make slightly narrow cylinders. Next, we will cut pieces of 15 grams each obtaining 17 pieces that we will model in a spherical shape. All in a 100% handcrafted way in the old way.

At the same time, we will prepare the pine nut of the country raw, without soaking: we will add syrup and eggs with a preparation of 80/20 (%) respectively and we will leave it to act for 4 minutes. When we have the pine nut well impregnated with our preparation, we will be ready to bowl. We will ball carefully covering all marzipan spheres rigorously covering all the gaps, obtaining a very attractive aesthetic result.

Baking and finishing

At this point, before baking, we will arrange a whole tray of Panellets to repaint them with egg (whites and egg).

Previously, we will have preheated the oven to 260º will be ready to bake our Panellets trays. We will give it a cooking of 1 minute, being able to vary slightly to the taste of each person. The pinion should be left golden. In other words, it can't be raw or burned.

Pine nut Panellets are the perfect complement to All Saints' Day. They are the classic pancakes par excellence. A delight in capital letters, made with our most traditional recipe with the unconditional love of our entire team. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, Panellets for all Saints' Day! Hope you enjoy it!

After enjoying this delicious recipe, if you want to try the best pine nut pancakes without having to cook, do not hesitate to visit us at Pastry Baixas, Barcelona's pastry shop. We are waiting for you with open arms and with a variety of sweets that will make your mouth water. Come and celebrate All Saints' Day with us!


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