Marzipan Kings Cake Recipe: A Christmas Classic

Marzipan Kings Cake Recipe: A Christmas Classic


Discover the magic of Christmas tradition with our exclusive recipe for Tortell de Reis de Marzipan. A classic sweet that brings families and friends together in a celebration of flavor and tradition.


Ingredients for Brioche (28 cakes of 300gr. each is for 4 people):

  • Flour: 4kg
  • Draw: 300gr
  • Salt: 70gr
  • Sugar: 600gr
  • Inverted sugar: 100gr
  • Organic azahar water: 100gr
  • Liquid anise: 100gr
  • Water: 700gr
  • Milk: 700gr
  • Fresh eggs: 960gr
  • Butter: 720gr
  • Bourbon vanilla - 1 pod
  • Fresh lemon: 1 pc.
  • Orange: 1 piece

Ingredients for Marzipan:

  • Extra fine almond flour: 10kg
  • White sugar: 8kg
  • Salt: 50gr
  • Water: 3lts


Preparation of the Brioche Dough:

Step 1: Creating the Basemass. First of all, we will make a dough with the flour, yeast, salt, inverted sugar, anise, Azahar water, cold water, cold milk, cold whole eggs, vanilla, orange peels and fresh lemon. We will knead all this with the 2-arm kneading machine and let it work for 7 minutes at low speed. After 7 minutes, increase the speed of the kneading machine by another 1 minute to activate the dough.

Step 2: Add the butter. It is at this point when we will add the butter cubed at 18ºC and leave the dough for another 9 minutes at the kneading machine. When the dough has the right texture, it will have a temperature of 23ºC and it will be time to remove it from the kneading machine. The 2-arm kneading machine will give us an aerated, fluffy, very silky mass. An ideal texture to obtain the desired volume.

Step 3: Rest and shape. Once this process is finished, divide the dough according to the desired weight and let it rest in the refrigerator for 15 minutes and shape the tortell.

Preparation of Marzipan:

We will detail the proportions and process to prepare the ideal marzipan for our Tortell de Reis. In Baixas we think we should err on the side of safety. All in its right measure to obtain the ideal balance.

Assembly and Oven:

Step 4: Decoration and Fermentation. Next, we will paint with a mixture of egg and cream and we will arrange the candied orange, the cherry and melon and a little pearl sugar. We will leave to ferment for 1 hour and 10 minutes, which is when we will obtain the desired volume.

Step 5: Bake. Finally, bake the tortells for 1 minute and a half at 190ºC and 6 min at 175ºC. Before removing them we will always check the color. On the outside golden and shiny, on the inside the cooked dough, very tender and fluffy.


El Tortell de Reis is much more than a sweet; it's a centerpiece of the celebration of Three Wise Men Day, full of tradition and history. In Baixas, we offer a wide variety of fillings to ensure that everyone finds their favorite. We make Three Wise Men cakes made of cream, cream, truffle, marzipan or without filling. Three Kings Day is a very special day for all families and Baixas, like every year, wants to be by your side. We are waiting for you at Baixas, the pastry shop of Barcelona that will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy your meal!


Creating this Tortell de Reis at home is a wonderful way to continue traditions and share special moments with your loved ones. We hope you enjoy this recipe and have a Happy Three Wise Men Day!


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