Financiers' Recipe – A Traditional Delight

Financiers' Recipe – A Traditional Delight

Financers' recipe for 2 whole molds: 30 units one mold and 21 units the other mold

  • KEEP 1000 GR.

Preparation of Ingredients:

First of all, we prepare all the ingredients we will need, as well as all the tools and instruments. For example, we will grease the molds with fat or flour where we will bake the dough. In this way, we will prevent the final baked product from sticking to the mold.

Elaboration of the Mass of Financers:

For the preparation of the Financers' dough we will start by mixing the loose wheat flour, the extra fine Marcona almond flour, the sifted glass sugar and the powdered yeast. We will help ourselves with a pastry spatula to pour all the ingredients into the container and mix them.

At the same time, cut the butter into pieces and let it heat on fire. Once we have our ingredients well mixed, we incorporate them into the mixer to continue with the mixture. Next, add the well-tempered egg white in 3 times. It is important to do this gradually to facilitate optimal mixing of ingredients and get a well-balanced dough. It is important that the whites are well tempered so that the mixture emulsifies correctly.

At this point, we will have on the one hand the initial preparation with the whites and, on the other, the butter over the fire. Once the boiling starts completely, it will be time to remove the butter from the heat and, immediately, mix it in our preparation with the kneader running. In this case, we can mix it suddenly and in a minute in the kneader, our final preparation of Financiers dough will be completed.

Filling the Molds and Baking:

This is the time to fill the molds. In Baixas we do it with the help of a pastry piping bag with a very controlled opening. The dough of our sponge cake is very liquid and we need to have control over it. Next, fill the molds one by one until the top until the two trays are complete.

Baking and Final Result:

Bake at 190ºC (in a preheated oven) for 12 minutes. In our case, after 11 minutes we turn the trays and bake for another 1 or 2 minutes so that the cooking is as homogeneous as possible and we obtain a very attractive color. The texture and the final color, to our liking.

ElFinancer is tradition, an exquisite delight, the authentic travel cake. Simple to make and complex on the palate. With a texture reminiscent of the traditional cupcake and an almond aroma that hypnotizes. Great to accompany a good coffee and liven up the table conversation. ENJOY!

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