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Solo opera


Thin sheets of almonds dipped in coffee, and coffee cream with 70% cocoa chocolate.

ALLERGENS: Gluten, lactose, egg, traces of soy and nuts.


The Opera cake is a sophisticated and exquisite dessert that combines thin almond plates dipped in coffee, coffee cream, and chocolate layers with a cocoa content of 70%.

Almond plates are the basis of this cake. These plates are thin sheets of almond dipped in coffee, which provide a complex and aromatic flavor. The almond plates with coffee have a soft and honeyed texture, ideal for the pearÒ.

Coffee cream is one of the main elements of this cake. It is a silky cream, made with a butter base and an intense coffee flavor, which will provide a slight bitterness, thus compensating for the sweetness of the whole.

Chocolate layers with 70% cocoa are a distinctive component of the Opera. These layers of chocolate, with a high cocoa content, are thin and rich in flavor. They are placed between the almond plates and the coffee cream, and harmonize the cake.

In short, the Opera cake is a sophisticated taste experience. A recipe widely used in pastries and restaurants. Classic, traditional, lifelong. The Opera is a timeless proposal of rigorous actuality. Ideal for day-to-day life in individual or large format for any special celebration.

Enjoy it at Baixas, the patisserie of Barcelona that will not leave you indifferent.


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