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Cocktail tray (Recommended for 4 people)


Each tray for 4 people includes the following hot and cold snacks:

  • 4 salmon tartare
  • 4 Caprices of foie gras and raspberries
  • 4 beef carpaccio with Comté cheese
  • 4 zucchini accordion
  • 4 mini bombs


Minimum 1 tray.

ALLERGENS: Gluten, lactose, egg, traces of soy and nuts.


The cocktail tray is a very complete gastronomic experience that offers a combination of delicious flavors and textures.

Salmon tartare is a gem among cold snacks. Cut into small cubes, it is seasoned with onion, "ciboulette", soy and lime. The salmon vinaigrette accompanies and does not mask. It confers a silky texture in the mouth and a fresh, slightly citrus flavor, which fantastically compensates for the fat of the salmon. Top it off with an avocado tip. It is eaten with a spoon.

The whim of foie gras and raspberries is a gem among cold snacks. It is a breezy pasta bowl that causes an explosion of textures and flavors, with the delicacy of foie gras fused with the intense and slightly acidic sweetness of raspberries.

Beef carpaccio with Comté is a counterpoint to the cocktail tray for meat lovers. On a base of toast, arrange the finely cut beef and then grate the Comté cheese. It will give elegance and salinity to the beef. Top with a little "ciboulette" on top.

The zucchini accordion very fresh and spectacular. These are raw zucchini strips finely cut looking for the accordion shape. The inside is filled with a soft cream cheese. Finish with a slice of smoked herring and salmon eggs.

Finally, the mini pump in Barceloneta. Stuffed with monalisa potatoes and sausage of the best quality, we emphasize with panko and fry. It is accompanied with a classic soft mayonnaise and romesco.

In short, the cocktail tray offers a varied selection of hot and cold snacks. It is ideal for special celebrations or last minute commitments. A complete tray that offers us the opportunity to taste a good selection of our best dishes. Glad you go!

Enjoy it at Baixas the catering of Barcelona that will not leave you indifferent.

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