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Tatín Mini

Golden caramelized apple with cane sugar "Mascabado" and quenelle cream and white chocolate.

ALLERGENS: Gluten, lactose, egg, traces of soy and nuts.

La Tatín is a cake that combines the caramelized Golden apple with cane sugar "Mascabado" and a quenelle of cream and white chocolate. This cake stands out for its striking aesthetic and for the deep and complex flavor of the perfectly caramelized apple.

The base of the Tatín is a thin structure of inverted puff pastry, well caramelized. Thin and consistent enough to support the weight of the apple. Very crunchy and with a light buttery aroma.

The star of this recipe is the Golden apple. First of all, we make a candy based on cane sugar "Mascabado" and, when it is ready, we add the previously cut and peeled apple, lemon juice, brandy and butter of the best quality. At this point, we are stirring little by little over low heat, interpreting the cooking of the apple. When the texture and color are suitable, we cut the heat, mold and bake for a while longer. The texture will be tender, mellow, almost addictive.

Finally, arrange the apple on our base of breezy pasta and apply a neutral shine of the best quality. It should look like a mirror. We finish with cream and white chocolate quenellas that provide a spectacular contrast of textures. A juicy aesthetic.

Tatín is a classic of classics. It is a simple but complex recipe, it requires technique, patience and interpretation. Well done it is spectacular in every way. In individual and large format. For any special celebration, Tatin!

To enjoy it at Baixas the patisserie of Barcelona that will not leave you indifferent. Good profit and good health to all!

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